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Taylor sure did want attention last night

Yesterday I spent most of the afternoon in the basement putting up insullation and hooking up the sat. I changed a few switches and was making the bathroom and office area ready to get drywalled. Well that whole time taylor was up on the bed with jenny. I think they were both taking a nap. Anyway, when I finished and got cleaned up, taylor had plenty of energy. So I played with her for a bit in the backyard. Well at about 7 I sat down and watched some TV. Taylor did not want that at all. She kept trying to get my attention. Then she started in on the things she knew would get my attention. Kept getting a towel that we use to wipe her paws off when she is muddy. She would go get it and drag it into the living room right in front of me and start playing with it. Then she would go get that hand towel from the stove. Finally I had enough and put her in her cage. After about 30 mins I went and got her and she was fine. But man did she know how to push my buttons. It was kind of funny.

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