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Drywall is down in the basement

Well it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. We brought the rest of the drywall down last night and also the 5 sheets of oak plywood. Was not that bad. Just one break to catch our breath. Now I need to finish up the few things I have talked about previously and then I will be ready to hang some drywall. Jenny is on call tomorrow night so I am thinking I will try to get the heating duct finished up and try to at least run the 2 coax and 2 cat 6e cables from the utility room to the area I want them to be. Then depending on time I might pull them up through the floor into the jacks I want them at. Plan to pull one or two cat 5e or cat 6e cables and 1 more coax to the bedroom and to the living room. They are actually on the same wall, just opposite sides. So for the most part I will be pulling 2 coax and 4 network cables to thee same spot. Then I can pull the old cables out. Will probably just put another connector on the other end of the cable and just use them as patch cables.

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