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Jeep is in the shop

Over the weekend I was taking jenny dinner and heard a thump while on the road. Worried me a bit. Made it to the hospital and back. On the way back the jeep started to squeak. Thought maybe a brake problem. The back drivers side wheel was hot to the touch when I got home. So I took it apart and tried to see what was up. Brakes seemed to be OK and the emergency brake seemed to be working OK. So my very little knowledge of cars tells me maybe it is the bearing. That is not a good thing to mess with. So didn’t drive it the rest of the weekend and got a ride to work yesterday and today. Jeep is in the shop today and they think everything is fine with the drive train, will plan on taking off the front and rear covers on the transfer case housings to make sure all gears are looking OK. Then put back together and put new fluid in them. Also in the main transfer case near the transmission. They are also fixing my glovebox that has been broken since winter. I am happy about that one. The got it apart and found a few pins that need to be replace, that is it. 70 bucks is all it take to fix that. So now they will check the drivers side rear wheel and see what is up with that and hopefully I will get out of this one with less than 500 bucks into it. Just want it to make it another 3 years if possible. Still in great shape. Love driving it to. Although gas is making it expensive to drive everywhere.

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