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Got a little bit more finished on office area

Didn’t get as much accomplished as I wanted to but what we did get finished does look good. I have found that drywalling does take a bit more time than I thought it would. Those 5/8th inch sheets are a bunch heavier than the 1/2 inch sheets. The dremel came in very handy when it came to cutting the holes out for the can lights. Made the job very easy. A bit dusty but man it makes a very nice hole around the can light. This week I hope to get mudding again in that room. Want to try to get the first coat on the whole room this week. I think it is very doable. Just have to set aside at least 2 nights to work on it for at least an hour maybe two hours. I also want to get the ibeam in the main room all trimmed out. I put up the 2×6 pieces yesterday, now I just have to fur out the rest of the beam. I then have to build up around the metal pole in the middle of the room also. I plan to put 2 2×6’s around the pole and then attach it to the cement floor. I think it will look fine when finished. One of my 2×6’s is a bit warped so I am trying to get it straightened out just a bit. I will reclamp it again tonight to warp it back into being almost straight hopefully. The only think I have going for me right now with it is I can pretty much build the pole cover on the ground and then put it up and put the last piece in at the last minute so I should be able to get all of the bow out of it without a problem. Worked on some shelves for Shawn also. Ended up burning up my old router that my grampa gave to me. Think it was just getting old. It was always pretty noisy but man it really got noisy yesterday. Actually blew out two pieces of the motor while using it. Oh well will go get another one soon. Next time I see one on sale at sears or homedepot I will pick on up.

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