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Replaced the shocks on my rear lift gate on the jeep

Wow was it easy to do and a huge difference. It cost me about 40 bucks to replace both of the shocks for the rear door. They have been getting very week in the past year. I didn’t know how weak though. I was in the process of taking the first off and all of a sudden the rear door came slamming down on my head. That sure was smart. I knew it was going to happen and didn’t even think about it. Replace that shock and could tell a difference already. So I went on and replace the other shock also. Wow, you can actually pull the lactch for the door and then the door opens by itself now. No help needed. Amazing. I also check the pressure on my spair tire and jenny’s spair tire. Both were very low. Mine had a bout 5psi, not the 35 that it needed. Jenny does not have a full size spair so it needed 60 psi, it only had about 10 psi. Both were so low they probably would not have helped at all if we had a tired go out on the road. Good thing we have AAA.

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