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Went to the local hardware store at lunch

Was asking them if there was an easy way to fix my slow leak on my backflow preventor outside my house. They said there were two ways. Said to try this tape stuff first. Looks like a very think electrical tape. Rap that around the pipe a few times and that stops many leaks they said. The other to try next is a two part epoxy. This will be permanent. I will get that next if this tape does not work. The epoxy you just cut a small part off of the roll you buy and then work the two parts together. Kind of a clay like substance. Then you put that stuff on the leaking part, try to get it very dry. Then wait for about 30 mins and I guess it hardens to almost steel strength from the packaging. So I will try the tape stuff tonight when I get home. I would like to work on tweaking the sprinkler system for a bit tonight. Since I have it hooked to 3/4 inch pipe now I seem to have more pressure to the heads so the spray is going much further than last year. I am going to have to change some of the nozzles and tighten down the screws on some of them also. I think a few adjustments in the front and side yard, back yard I think I will just need to make a few adjustments also. The side yard next to the garage I will make a few adjustments and then I need to adjust and stabilize the one head I had to change last year at the end of the year. It has tilted a bit through the winter so I will need to put some top soil around it and get it aimed correctly. I have talked to the neighbor on that side and he doesn’t mind that I am water some of his yard. Didn’t think he would mind at all.

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