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Beautiful weather yesterday

Got home and it was so nice out I decided to mow the lawn. Didn’t really need to move the whole thing but it didn’t hurt. Only a few places had a good amount of grass growth. I noticed a few weeds starting up also. Think it is time to put some weed-b-gone down again. Was good to clean up the lawn a little bit from the winter effects. Was able to fix the leak on the valve in the basement for the sprinkler system. Just had to tighten down the connecting a full rotation. As for the leak outside. It still is giving me some problems. I am going to have to either try the epoxy I bought or just redo the connection altogether. Not sure which one I will do. Might just break down and try to take the connection about and re-sweat it back on after I fix the threaded connection. If it is not raining tonight I will try to work on it.

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