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Sprinkler system is working

Well last night I tweaked all the sprinkler heads to they do not hit the house and do not over water areas to much. I had to put larger heads on most of the sprinklers because I have so much water pressure now. Could have put 5 heads to a zone without a problem. I still have one zone free to do with what I want. Just need to dig the leftover zone up sometime. I still need to dig one sprinkler head up and get it positioned a bit better. Hopefully I will have time to do that this evening. I still need to fix the small leak outside on the over flow preventer. I just found a leak inside last night also. Came in after I was soaked because taylor was having a blast in the sprinkler system and getting me wet at the same time. Found a puddle of water in the corner of the basement. Not to bad. Didn’t get any of the computer stuff wet but was getting close. There is a leak now just as the line runs outside. I will need to resweat that joint tonight if time permits. I do not want to run the system until that is fixed for sure. Can’t believe it. Was fun, guess just running it for about 2 hours worked something free. hopeful that will be a very fast fix. Just add a little soder and that should do it.

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