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It figures

As soon as I get the sprinkler system finished and pretty much tweaked and ready to finally set the timer so it automatically waters the yard before I wake up, it decides to rain like every other day. Guess I should not complain. I don’t have to pay to keep my grass looking good and filling in. Hopefully my lawn will finally fill in and green up. I have a problem in my back yard, it is called a dog. Between her killing the grass and digging, I am pretty sure I will not try very hard to keep the backyard looking good for at least the next year or two. Jenny had pretty much decided she wants to stay in the area so I think I will keep working at the basement and make sure the sprinkler system is working correctly. Want to get the gas line in for the gas burning stove I want to put in the basement. After I get that line in I can start putting drywall on the ceiling anytime again. After I move a bit more on the basement I want to get one side of the front yard finished with landscaping. Think I will try to save up about 2 to 300 dollars to put in some ornamental grass and some bushes. Then the normal edging and mulch finishing touches. Should be able to finish up that project in less than a day. Figure I can pick everything up on a friday night and wake up early saturday and get things hammered out before lunch. I think I will pull a hose out and put it around the perimeter of the area I want to landscape. I will then turn the sprinkers on and make sure they do not mess anything up and then I will start spraying the grass in that area with round-up, that or dig up the good grass and transplant it into the backyard where taylor has dug a few spots up. Who knows, probably will re-use the grass and that will be good so I can lower the are I want to mulch anyway. Then I will not have to worry about the mulch getting out into the grass or anything. This time I am going to for sure put the weed barrier down. I did not do that on the side of the house or around the trees I planted and am regretting that for sure. Have to keep weeding and getting some of the grass out of those areas. Not to bad though. I will be happy if I can get one side of the front done this spring and then the other side this fall. I think that will do it for landscaping for some time. I would love to do some in the backyard also, but am worried about what taylor will do to it.

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