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Got one side of the house landscaped like I wanted to

Friday night I went around to a few lawn care places to price out plants and mulch. Went to sam’s and got 220 foot role of weed barrier. Saturday morning I woke up when jenny had to go into work and got up and took care of taylor and then took off to the local franks nursery. They had a sale going on. Wish I would have bought more stuff on sale but I filled the jeep up as it was. Would have needed to make a second trip which I should have. Bought 6 5 gallon pots of ornamental grass’ and 10 bags of very nice cypress mulch. Should have bought more of both. Used 15 bags of mulch on the one side alone. They had really nice mulch for 200 bucks a bag instead of 3.49 a bag. The grass was 25% off also and the nicest grass I was able to find in town. I got some more mulch a meijer on sunday because I needed more and lets just say it didn’t come from the same tree or forest for that matter. It is much darker than the stuff I got from frank’s. looked weird right now but will hopefully blend together eventually. So sunday I started working on it about 11am. Got the edge dug up and then started digging holes for the plants. Moved some of the grass from the lawn I dug up and started putting the ornamental grass’ in the holes and filling the holes back in. Then layed down the weed barrier. After that was all down I put the mulch on top of the weed barrier. Was finished with all of that about 3pm or so. My back is killing me right now. But that part is done. I plan to add one or two pine tree/shrubs to the back of the area I mulched. Just need to go pick one or two out and get them back to my house. Talked to the neighbor on the other side and we will be doing kind of the same thing on the other side but in both of our yards. Just trying to make it look a little nicer and trying to hide the utility boxes in the front yard. I think once the grass’ grow a bit more the area I just planted will look very nice. I think I will plan to put some tulips from the portage tulip beds when they have their pulling day, into those areas and around the mail box and then that will be it for the yard this year. Next year I think I will mulch right next to the deck in the backyard and then I think that will do it for beds and stuff. Just need to re-mulch those areas every year. Just to thinken it back up and stuff.

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