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Bought more stuff for the yard last night

Last night I came home real quick let taylor the dog out and then took off to get my hair cut. After that I went to a local garden shop to look at some more grass and some shrubs and some mulch. Ended up having the scrubs on sale that I wanted to get and the ornamental grass was buy one get one 50% off, same price as what I got last week. So I bought 4 more to put on the other side of the house and got 3 bags of mulch and 2 shrubs. I hope, weather permitting, I can put the shrubs in tonight and finish that side. I have to talk to the neighbor about the other side and see when he wants to work on that side. I need to see where he is getting his stuff from also, we need to at least get the same mulch. The rest we can do on our own.

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