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Had a great weekend

Went into chicago for a few days. Just relaxed and did what ever. Went in with shawn and mariah. Weather was great. Came back sunday afternoon. Just in time for the rain and storms. Had a lightning strike very close to our house I believe. Saw it and then heard a small pop. It ended up killing my replaytv in our living room. Took it totally apart and got it to work again. The network card in it does not work though. I have an extended warranty from best buy on that unit so I will try to make time to take it in tonight to get fixed. The strike also killed my nic in my firewall, replaced that last night. So my website and blog were partially down for the past 2 days. My 16 port dell switch got hit also. Just called that in last night and a new one should be to my door tomorrow sometime. It has been raining enough lately that I really need to mow the lawn but can’t because the grass is a bit to wet. Thought I might be able to do it last night but it started to rain just as I got home. Man did it come down also. Had a few storms come through that were very windy and some small hale also. Saw that the neighbors glass deck table didn’t make it. That kind of sucks.

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