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Got hit by the storm over the weekend

Well I think it is time to look into a whole house protection system. Sunday evening a bad electrical storm came rolling through. Heard and saw the lighting strike near by. It ended up killing one of my nic’s in my firewall, the 16 port dell switch I had that nic plugged into and the network port on my replaytv in my livingroom. Dell replaced the switch on tuesday. Have to send the old one back. I had an identical 3com nic in my old P233 that used to be my firewall. Just put that in and my current firewall is back up and working fine.
Went to bestbuy last night because I have a 4 year extended warranty through them on my replay. They wanted to give me a tivo to replace it. Same price ok I will give them that and it is a 40 hour unit also. But to get something comparable to my current unit they would have to give me full lifetime activation and the home media option also. That alone is another 500 dollars I believe. No way. So I asked for me warranty back. They prorated it so I got like 51 bucks of my 79 I had given them. I think I will go have a talk with the store manager tonight again.
So then I called replaytv support. After a little over an hour on the phone with SIM from india I am sure. She talked me through anything and everything. Of which I had tried already. Was so frustrating, but still nicely listened to her and lied a bit about what I was doing. Crazy to hold me on the phone an hour to tell me that it is out of warranty and since it was hit by lightening probably they will not do anything for me I have to buy a new unit. She did say since this is a special situation she has noted in my case number that I can have my current lifetime subscription moved to a new unit of equal space. So I messaged Replaylyndon on avsforum (the greats forum and the greatest tech guy ever) to see if this is true. He messaged back first thing this morning to tell me that yes this is true. I messaged back and am waiting to hear from him to see how I go about doing this. As soon as I hear back from him I will buy a refurb unit from the replayoutlet for 98 bucks shipped. Not a bad deal really. I will be happy with that.
Now to go let best buy know how they treated me and let the guy know he lost my business now.

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