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No new tv in the kitchen anymore

Just got the jeep back a few hours ago. Took jenny’s car in as we picked the jeep up. My catilitic convertor was bad and they had to replace a faulty front bering again. For some reason the type they were using just wasn’t working to good on the jeep. Jenny’s car ended up needing a catilitic convertor also. Hers is much more than mine, she also needs new brake shoes and rotors in the front. I hate putting more money into her car but I guess we are just not quite ready to buy a new car yet. Just keep this one going and safe. My boss is going to pick me up for work tomorrow and jenny will drive the jeep. They had to order the convertor since the factory convertor was going to be 600 dollars for some reason. The after market one is only 300. It will be in tomorrow. They should have it finished when I am done at work. My boss should be able to take me over there to pick it up then.

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