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Well Steamatic came and left. Seemed to do a great job

Only time will tell now. All the spots came out that we asked them to clean up. I guess we just have to wait to see if they stay away. We had them steam clean all the carpet (not the closets though) and two area rugs we have at the garage entrance and the front entrance. We had them put scotch guard on the carpet also. Hopefully that will work like what I have heard it does. We need to go around and vacum, just to get some fuzz up that they brought to the survace when they were cleaning. Then we can move all the stuff back. I figure I can put most of the electonics back together later this evening. Maybe I can work on getting our bedroom back together also. Then tomorrow after work I can find some time to get the rest of the stuff up from downstairs. Now that this is finished I think I will try to clean and organize the basement a bit and get back to working on drywall and mud. I still need to work on getting that gas line run and speaker wire run. I think I am going to run one more coax and network cable to a spot in the kitchen before I close up the ceiling. I think I will just spend the extra 200 or so dollars and insulate the ceiling also. Hoping that will cut down on some of the noise we might hear if someone is walking upstairs. So plenty of things to do. Just need to find the time to do it.

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