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Finally the rain stopped

Over the weekend the rain stopped for almost two days. I was able to get out and power wash the house and then the deck. The deck needs some major attention. I have to clean up a few spots on the deck and then I will let it dry for a few days and seal it again. This time I bought the more expensive deck sealer at home depot, hopefully it will last the 4 years it says it will.

On sunday the grass seemed to be plenty dry so I went out and mowed the lawn. Bagged it because of how long it was. The lawn is looking great now. Front yard is coming along very nicely. After all this rain it is nice and dark and seems to be getting fewer and fewer weeds in it. Coming in nice an thick finally. Will just keep working at it till all weeds are gone.

After all of the deck washing my back is killing me. Hopefully it will go away in another day or so.

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  1. Your Sister-In-Law says

    You could think about seeing a chiropractor for that back… 🙂

  2. James says

    Heah, no advertising on this page. 🙂

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