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What a relaxing long weekend

Went up to the UP with some friends. Spent friday thru sunday camping on Government Island which is located just off of michigans upper pensula. Weather was ok, a bit cold but sunday it was beautiful. Got a bit burnt on the nose. Had a little rain when we first got setup friday night. Stopped in no time and we got the fire burning good again and sat down to a nice pork chop dinner. Was good to get away from the city for awhile. Now we are all back to the normal pace monday. Time to get back to the normal work schedule.

Sometime this week I need to get out and mow the yard and try to get the first coat of sealer on my deck. Hopefully the rain will hold off today and I can get the lawn mowed tonight. Then if it rains I at least have caught up on the grass. Would be nice to get that deck sealed this week. Hopefully we won’t get to much rain that it soaks the deck last week.

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