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A few things happening

Well the Screen door that we special orderd from HOME DEPOT came in on thuesday. Picked it up tuesday evening. Have it home and ready to install. Installed called yesterday afternoon, called them back and have scheduled them to install monday afternoon. So I decided to take the whole day off work. I have been getting ready to build a set of shelves for the one side of the garage. I have it down on paper and have most of the tools and parts I need. I will go out tonight or tomorrow maybe and get the wood and get it cut for the actual shelve area. After that I just need to borrow a friends router so I can knotch out some of the peices. Hopefully I can get that taken care of monday while I am home. I may have to dig up the mainline on the sprinkler system. I think I am going to go ahead and put a valve in right next to the house to turn on and off when the whole system turns on. That will fix any future leak problems for sure. Probably will take about 5 bucks in parts and about an hour or so my my time. Hard part will be digging it up and extending the wire to the new area I have to put this valve. Oh I have to get a new valve box also. That or just dig the one I am not using up. Na, I will do that some other time.

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