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Fixed a big leak in the sprinkler system over the weekend

Saturday morning I got up at the normal time. Finished up a spot in the side yard that I forgot to mow Friday night. Then got the shovels out and started to dig up two valves in the backyard for the sprinkler system. They were about 6 inches from each other. I was not sure which one was leaking but knew one of them was leaking bad. Hooked up the air compressor to the system and pressurized the system to about 65 psi(15 psi more than normal pressure on the system). I use air to make sure the system can hold up to more than normal water pressure and I also like to use air not waste because if I need to I can blow all water out of that line so I do not have a hole full of water that i am working in. So right away after I put pressure on the system I saw where the water was leaking(actually shooting out of a seam). Tried to tighten that spot. That didn’t help at all. So I have to blow out the water in the main line and then cut the main line about 8 inches back. Put in another connector and put that piece back in the main line. Tightened the main line down and then went back and power up the compressor again. This time I had a very small leak. So I tightened the clamp down a bit more and all was good. Let the system sit for a few and then put water back through. Ran zone 1 and zone 8 (the two end zones on the system) to get water back in the main line. Then when that zones shut down I just let the system sit for the rest of the day. At the end of the day I noticed just a small area of water under the one connection. Noticed it dripped every 10 seconds or so. That was good enough for me. Don’t think I can get the system totally leak proof but very close. A drip every so often is not bad at all. So Sunday evening I went out and filled the hole back in and put the grass back around the area and then seeded a bit to make sure that area grew back nice and think in a few weeks. All should be set on the sprinkler system now.

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