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New door yesterday

Well I decided to take the day off work yesterday and work around the house. We had a guy coming to install the screen door on our front door also. Everything was accomplished. I am very happy with the new screen door and like the new door knobs and locks I just got yesterday and put on the house. Not a cheap project at all but it does look very nice now. Did not get around to paining like I wanted to yesterday. I hope to be able to do the touch up painting around the new door and a few other areas around the house this weekend. I also need to work on that stupid leak in the backyard and did not get around to starting the shelves for the garage either. Have plenty to do this weekend if I want to. Should stay very busy. Have to make it to the range tonight to hit a bucket of balls though. I am going to a golf outing tomorrow and have not hit a ball for well over a year now. Hope I can still hit 1 out of 10 balls still 🙂

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