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Took care of many things so far this weekend

Well I finally setup the tools and stuff and just hammered out the shelving unit in the garage today. I went through everything and cleaned out the whole garage. Filled up our garbage container. So we can’t through anything else away this week. 🙂 So the garage is looking great. I still want to have a guy come and mud the garage at the same time I have him mud the basement when it is ready. Then I plan to paint the walls and ceiling. I also plan to put a two part epoxy coating on the floor to clean up the garage a bunch. Hope to do that to the floor this summer yet. I finally got around to touching up the pain in the spare bedroom and also put a coat of paint around the new screen door. Sealed that spot in our bedroom from the leak this summer and then touched the spot up with a new coat of paint. Everything looks good now, can’t even tell there was a stain there now. Did the normal mow the lawn and what not. Then treated the whole backyard for weeds. Hopefully this will kill most of the weeds in the back yard. Not to many but enough to not spot treat. The front I only had a few here and there. Over all I am pretty happy how the lawn is coming along.

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