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Another day, a few more sheets of drywall

Well I think I am as far as I can get in the hallway without needing some help from a friend. Was able to get a few more sheets up last night. Have the area all blocked off so taylor cannot get into the utility room or into the main part of the basment. The bottom of the stairs is starting to pull together now. I guess it is back to finishing the speakers jacks. Hopefully that will only take me about 30 minutes to do tonight. I then need to build out the two sofet areas. I believe after that is completed I need to make a decision on what projector I want so I can put in the conduit for the projector, and then I need to run the black pipe for the gas line. I believe I can go around the entire room putting drywall at the bottom of all the walls. I just do not want to put the uppper pieces until I get the ceiling finished and drywalled. So I do have plenty to do by myself if I find the time. I am hoping I can find time on a upcoming weekend to work with a friend to get part of the ceiling drywalled. It is amazing how drywall can transform a place.

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