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Didn’t do much at all last night

Didn’t do much as far as drywalling or working on the basement last night. Had some tv shows to watch. I did get the vent in the hallway (ceiling) finalized. I figured out a cheap and easy way to extend the vent down to the level of the drywall. I just pocket screwed a few 2×4’s together and put them up between the studs. I then used the metal duct tape to make the connection air tight. Screwed everything up and made sure the vent fits. I now am ready to finish the ceiling in the hallway. Not sure when I want to do that though. I am holding off to see what type of projector I want to buy for that area. This weekend I believe I will start putting the drywall in at the bottom of the main room. The areas I cannot do will be the wall I have to take apart to put the show into the bathroom area and that should be it. I hope to put the gas line in the main room in the next few weeks. After I do that I should be able to drywall all of the room. I will need help with the ceiling parts but the walls I should be able to do by myself. I have worked out a good system and can get a few sheets up a day. it all depends on the amount of cuts and how many holes I have to put in the peice for recepticals. I hope to get the wall done that the french doors will be put in so I can hang the french doors either this weekend or next week. That will be nice to see completed.

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