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Part of the backyard landscaping is finished

After digging a bit and then getting most of the grass out of the area I wanted to landscape against the back of the house, I was able to get the landscaping felt down last night. It all looked pretty good. I then put down the mulch. We had 22 bags of cyprus mulch. I only have one left now. I still want to put down the felt and mulch around the deck area. I belive I will have enough felt, but I will need to get about 5 more bags of mulch probably. I hope to get those tonight. If it is not raining I want to finish this project tonight. Should not take long at all to finish. Just have to dig a bit and then get the grass out of the area. Then put the felt down and mulch. I will look around for plants, shrubs and flowers that are onsale this fall. If I do not find anything I like I will just plan to start on planting stuff in the spring. Anything I plant needs to be hardy and needs to be able to take direct sunlight and dry soil. I can water but probably will forget. I was just glad to get the main part all finished and was glad that moving the two sprinkler heads out of the way was very easy and didnt’ take much time at all. I turned that zone on for a few minutes last night just to make sure it worked and the heads were rotating the correct amount and they were not hitting the house or anything. Seems to be doing great.

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