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Fall cleanup

Hopefully yesterday was the last day I will need to mow the yard this year. It is nice having small trees. Not to many leaves. Was able to plant a few tulips also. Taylor (our dog) decided she wanted to mess some of the mulch up. She somehow was able to pull the landscaping fabric out of one of the areas next to the deck. Mulch was everywhere. was able to clean most of it up. Got the snow blower out yesterday. Started up without a problem. Let it run a bit and clean it up. Put it back in the garage and put the hose reel where I had stored the snow blower for the summer. Now I all need to do is make sure I do not need to mow anymore and then I can clean up the mower the rest of the way and change the blade and then put in up on a shelf in the garage. Want to mop the garage floor one more time to clean up things and I think I will be ready for winter. News this morning said we may get just a light snow shower tomorrow. I doubt it but we shall see.

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