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Basement is going slow again

Have not done much on the basement as of lately. I really need to clean the main room up and move most of the stuff into the office area. I want to bring the deck furniture in also. I have one wall pretty much all drywalled. Just need to put two small peices up. I have almost one whole run of the ceiling finished. Need to take 4 of the can lights apart and finish up the rest of this side of the ceiling. I can then move on to the other side. Would like to get most of the ceiling drywall up soon so I can move most of the wall drywall over to the other wall and finish up the speaker wires so I can drywall another wall. I need to finish up the projector conduit and then I can finish up the ceiling also. Only a few small projects to finish up before I can finish the drywall. One that is driving me nuts is there is a creek in the floor sometimes. I do not know where it came from but I want to fix that before I move to much further.

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