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Another weekend I accomplished nothing

It was nice though. Had a few friends up and had a nice weekend of xbox games. We had two xbox’s at the house over the weekend. Wish we had three, one for each person, but two was better then one. We fired up Xlink/Kai, and started testing things and playing halo2. We found that if the person hosting had a bad lag problem the game really sucked. So we started hosting our own levels and then had no problems. Could play and didn’t seem to see much lag at all for the players. Sunday we decided it was so cool that you could talk in the game we had to go out and get a few mics for the xbox’s. We bought two and brought them home and played a bit more. Wasn’t as cool as we thought it would be but still was nice. When you have team play you can hit the white button and talk to your team if you want. Otherwise if you are around another player, when you talk you can be heard, that is only if you are close enough to the player. Still very cool. I have no need to get xbox live at all now. Xlink/Kai is great. I finally saw what xbox live it like and it really does not do much more that I can tell for the game. Does look like there never will be lag issues but if I host games I do not see lag issues anyway.

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  1. Scott Griffin says

    I enjoed your blog and I also in the proccess of finishing my basement
    Thinks look pretty good.

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