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Main room in basement is getting cleaned up

Last night I spent about an hour cleaning out the main room in the basement. I still have a ways to go but I have much of the junk out of there. I moved all of our boxes and furniture into the almost drywalled office. I want to clear out the batroom area so I can work on drywalling that area also. I need to move the tv and stereo and the projector. I will need help with those two items. The rest is just tools and materials in the room. I plan to clean up some of the extra drywall peices tonight. Will through as much of those peices out. Plan to move the doors I am storing on one wall and probably will end up moving the table saw into the utility room for good also. After that I want to start moving all the drywall from the wall they are against to the finished wall. I can then start to drywall the outside walls. Just work my way around to the bathroom wall. That will probably be the last wall I drywall since that is the wall I will have to take apart to get the shower and cabinets into that room. I hope I can get those items by christmas.

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