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Finished so many things this past weekend

Since I had a long weekend I stated on a few projects in the basement. I was able to finalize all of the speaker wiring late friday evening. I cleaned up the jacks and have them all ready for drywall now. I finished up the last power line that goes the the pole in the center of the basement and also a spot on the ceiling for the projector. I also ran the last conduit up to a spot in the ceiling for the video cables for the projector. I had a friend up sunday and we worked on his “pc” for a bit and also put up two full rows of drywall on the ceiling. A total of 6 full sheets of drywall and two partial sheets at the ends. I now have two more rows to do for the ceiling, they are partial sheets so I think I can put those up by myself. Then the ceiling will be finished. I may have to go buy 2 or 3 more sheets of drywall for the ceiling. Very close in my estimates. We shall see how close I was on the estimates for the bathroom and walls also. The room is starting to take shape now. From the main doorway it looks like the ceiling is almost complete. When you actually walk in though you can tell it is not finished at all. It looking good though. Feeling so much better about it now. So much more work to do but can at least feel the end in sight now.

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