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More basement work

Last night after dinner I went down and worked on getting some more drywall up. I ended up getting three sheets up by myself. Man am I sore today. Kind of amazed I was able to put 3 sheets up on the ceiling by myself. Only came close to dropping a sheet once. That jig I made to hold the sheets up to the ceiling for me works great. Would not be able to do it by myself if I did not make that. I took some new pictures of the basement and posted them here. Plan to put up the last 3 sheets I have tonight. After I get these three sheets up I will start on the walls. I will be out of the 5/8th drywall I am putting on the ceiling. Will put up as much 1/2 inch as I can, hopefully until I run out of it. Then will plan to make one more run to the home store to get that rest of the drywall I will need to finish up the basement.

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