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Good stuff on the basement

Well I had a nice long weekend and since I had some more time on my hands I was able to get the last sheets of drywall up. I still have a bit more drywalling to do but I do not have any more drywall at my house. I figure I will need 2 sheets of 5/8ths drywall to finish up the ceiling in the main room. I need 2 sheets for 1/2 inch green board to finish up the bathroom and 12 more sheets of 1/2 inch drywall to finish up the one wall in the utility room. I want to finish just the wall that faces the main room and bathroom. That will help keep some sound from traveling from the utility room into the main living area. I was able to finish up all the plumbing in the bathroom. I sealed the drain in the shower. I hooked up the rest of the pipes to the bathroom and caped off the ends to the sink so I can put drywall up and then cut the caps off and put the valves on when I am ready for the sink. I put the valve on for the toilet since I have the drywall in place where the toilet will go. I hooked in two valves so I can turn the water off all together to that room and then re-ran the water lines to the utility sink so I can drywall that whole wall. I will have a small hole where the water lines run to the sink and where the drain for the sink is and I will have a small hole to access the two shut off valves and a small boxed area where I will cover up the area where the pipes stick out of the wall. Had a bit of a problem when I turned the water on for the bathroom though. I finished up all the connections on all the lines and then turned the water back on to the house. Let all the water run for a bit so I could get all the air out of the pipes. Opened up the hot water heater valves to let that run a bit, got all air out of the lines. I then opened the valves to the bathroom area. As soon as I did that the shower just started to spray. Every time I turned the water on for the utility sink the shower would start up. That stumped me for about 10 minutes. I figured that since I had both the hot and cold water on for the utility sink the hot water would flow back through the cold line into the shower head. I had hooked the show valve up a bit backwards. I just have to reverse the handle and all is good again. I just had the valve a full 180 degrees the wrong way. A quick fix. The one that worried me was the cold water valve I had put in so I could turn the water off to this area. It had a leak. I really didn’t want to have to cut it out and put in a new one. That would take me about 2 hours to cut out, get a new one and put it in. I went and got a wrench and took it apart and tighten it back up and the leak was gone. So tonight I will check for leaks again and if there are no more leaks I will start to insulate and then move everything back to that wall and keep working on the rest of the basement. I hung the door to the bathroom on sunday also. I will hang the french doors on the main room and start to trim around the windows. After I do those two things I am out of materials. I need to get the drywall and at that point I will be as far as I can get without having the mudder come in and do his thing. I need to get that scheduled soon. I also need to pick out tile for the bathroom and also get the gas stove ordered and installed. After those three things are finished I will be ready to paint and then get the carpet ordered. Amazing that this project is almost complete. I will be very happy if this all can be finished by the start of spring. Maybe another 2 or 3 months if everything falls into place.

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