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After my week off, what did I accomplish on the basement

Well after almost a full week off of work I actually feel pretty good about what I was able to work on in our basement. I only really was able to put two full days into the basement. I actually worked one day and then had travel and what not for the other two days. Monday and tuesday I put at least 8 hours in the basement each day though. I was able to get most of the drywall up in the bathroom. I built a new wall for the shower area and put in the shower and finished all the plumbing to the shower. Had to mix up a batch of cement so I could fill in the hole I had to make to get all the plumbing setup correctly for the drain in the shower. I have almost all the water lines finished for the sink, toilet and shower. I just have to finish up about 3 more feet of line for the hot and cold water and it will be all set and working. It will take me another 3 or 4 hours to do the rest though. I want to put two hammer arrestors in and then rerun the lines that go to the utility sink on the other side of the bathroom wall so I can drywall most of that wall on the utility rooms side. That will take a a bit to do. Then I just have to hook into the main water line and cap off the old 1/2 lines that ran to the utility sink. I also have to valves I want to put in so I can turn off the water to that whole bathroom from the utility room if I wanted to. I should only have two lines coming out of the wall for the utility sink and then two a small area at the top of the wall that I might box over and put an access panel over that will give me access to the valves and cover two lines that stick out of the wall. everything else should be covered by drywall. Hopefully I can get back to that room in the next few days. Maybe this weekend I will be able to finish up that bathroom. After that room is finished up I can finish up the last wall in the main room and at that point I will need to get about 12 more sheets of 1/2 inch drywall for the utility room wall I want to finish and 3 sheets of 5/8th to finish the main room ceiling and 2 sheets of green 1/2 inch to finish the new wall in the bathroom. At that point I can start the trim work and get the windows all trimmed out along with the doors and trim at the bottom of the walls. The rest is up to other people I believe. I need to get quotes for mudding the whole area and need to get a quote to get a gas stove installed. Need to pick out carpet and tile. I plan to tile the bathroom myself and also paint everything myself. So plenty to do still but getting close to finishing. If I can get all of the little things finished by the end of january I may be able to use this room by march or april if I can get carpet and stove installed in a timely manner. I will try to get a few pictures up on the site soon.

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