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Started trimming out the big window in the basement last night

It is going to take me a while to finish trimming out the windows down stairs since this is the first time I have ever done anything like this. Man is it nice having a great blade on my table saw. I ripped down the pine to the size I needed and since the wall is not perfectly level I could not use the fence for 2 of the boards. Still but great but had to cut it free hand. Filled in some blemishes last night and put a coat of primer on one of the boards to see how it looked. I plan on finishing up the sanding and what not tonight on all 4 pieces for the big window and get the first coat of primer on all sides of the pieces. I hope to get them all dry fitted and maybe even get them permanently mounted if all goes well. I will not put the trim around the edges of the window these boards are just to fill the space from the window to the edge of the drywall, I will then put trim around the window to finish it off. Will put pictures up as soon as I get that far. I still have to have all of the areas mudded first. I hope I can start to cut and finish up the other two window areas while I am waiting for paint or wood filler to dry on the current pieces.

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