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Have not worked on the basement for a few weeks now

Hopefully tonight or tomorrow I will be able to get back to the basement. I would like to get some of the trim around the windows completed this week. Would like to get the trim up and insullation all set so I can see how much condensation will be accumulated around the windows. I have all of the trim wood I need to build the window areas. I will need to sand the wood and fill in some inperfections and then prime the wood before I put it up. Hopefully I have enough primer in spray cans to finish what I need. Maybe I will go get a few more cans just in case. Hopefully I can finish at least the large window this week. If all goes as planned I will be renting the menards truck again and picking up the rest of the drywall I need to finish up the bathroom, ceiling and utility room areas. I may go ahead and at the same time pick up most of the wood trim so I can get that all ready to go after the mudder is finished.

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