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Over the weekend I went and picked up the last of the drywall, I hope

Saturday afternoon a friend and myself rented the menards truck and picked up a few more sheets of drywall. I needed 2 more sheets of green board to finish the bathroom and I needed 2 more sheets of 5/8ths to finish the ceiling in the main room. I picked up 11 more sheets of 1/2 inch for the walls in the utility room. I am ready to put up the sheets in the utility room. I may run one or two coax runs really quick to the utility room wall so I can put a TV on that wall if I wanted to. maybe one in the utility room and 2 or maybe even 3 on the back wall of the main room. Just in case I do end up putting a bar in that corner someday. I may just put them in the wall and not terminate them as of yet. Then I can just dig them out of the wall if I wanted a jack there one day. Put up the last sheet of drywall I had in the basement. Shawn will be stopping by on monday to help me bring the rest of the drywall to the basement. Will stack all of the 1/2 inch near the door to the main room and the two ceiling sheets over by the bathroom and the 2 sheets of green board in the bathroom. Will have plenty of work for me to do this week.

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