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Fish Tank is down and empty

Well I finally did it. I took the fish tank apart. I had not really spent much time on the 55 gallon micro reef since I moved into the new house. I should have never moved it. Oh well. I finally spent the time to take it apart and am throwing most of the stuff away. So if you or someone else wants a 55 gallon tank and stand and custom sump, just email me. I will be throwing most of the stuff out in the spring of 05 when we have large garbage pickup. I still have a 30 gallon and a bunch of the lighting stuff and another sump and skimmer all ready to go. Who knows, in another few years I may start a smaller tank up. The 55 was just a little to big for me. To much to keep it as nice as I wanted to and to much money to run. I had a huge pump that was getting old and taking a bit of electricity I am sure. So I just have to empty the last of the sand out and move the tank out of the way so I can finish the drywall in the basement. The room will look so much nicer when I can move a few things around and finish up the drywall. Will bring a bit more light to the room and it will look a bit cleaner also. Hopefully will get most of that accomplished this week.

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