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Was able to get the remaining drywall down to the basement last night

Brought all the drywall down and put them in the rooms they will be used in. I have a little cleaning up to do in the utility room before I can put the rest up. I have finished wall wall to the left as you enter the utility room. I plan to clean up the floor there (used to be where the fish tank was) and then put the outlet back in and move the freezer over to that spot. I then will finish up the prep work on the small wall where I might put a fish tank eventually and it will be ready for drywall. I plan to continue my way around that room. I need to move a few things so I can get back behind the furnace and need to figure out what I am going to do will all of the wires near the utility box also. I want to clean up the coax cables and try to mount them nicely. I also want to clean up the phone cables and punch down all of the connection from up stairs also. Moving all of the cables around and cleaning them up could easily take me a good 2 to 4 hours probably. I want to go up and change the jacks upstairs at the same time so I have 2 cat 5 connections in each jack upstairs. I can run either data or phone to each of them. I want to label them at the same time I get them organized and punched down. I hope to run phone and data to each jack upstairs so I can just plug a phone in or plug a patch cable into the network port at anytime and will get signal. I need to think about what I will be doing in that utility panel area because I am limited to how long the cables are from the main level(they cut the coax and the cat5 cables pretty short, they are up at the ceiling almost). I do not want to put the switch way up there. I hope to mount it next to the electrical panel so it is out of the way. I believe I can make it look nice and have it out of the way at the same time. I plan to put shelves around that area eventually and just use it for storage. I have a 4 foot rack in the corner that I believe I will keep there and it will house all of my network equipment and at least one if not two servers. At anyrate, I am making progress again. I think I will go get two more 60 pound buckets of mudding compound today. I think I am going to go ahead and mud the basement myself to save some money.

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