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A few more sheets up and the ceiling is finished

Had a chance to work on the basement for about 2 hours yesterday evening. I finished up all of the ceiling in the main room. I have two small areas to build out a small sofet to cover up the heating pipes. Other than that, the big room is ready for mudding. I have drywall on all of the wall between the utility room and the main room. I still have to finish up around the doorway into and out of the utility room and also need to continue putting up drywall on the wall inside the bathroom and also the other side of that wall for the bathroom (part of the utility room). I need to move a few shelves and the freezer and a few other thing to finish up the last two walls in the utility room. I hope to go look at the gas stoves tonight and also get a few more sheets of drywall up on the walls in the utility room. I will probably put a few corner pieces up to try to get a jump on mudding also. Once again, slow but sure. Things are coming together.

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