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Not much completed last night

After dinner last night I went down and started moving stuff around in the utility room so I can get to some of the walls I will be drywalling. I have cleared off the wall that faces the bathroom and have put up one of the 2 full sheets that will go on that wall and also have prepared the rest of the wall for a few more half sheets. I need to fix a leaky shower head before I do anything else on that wall. I will try to get most of the wires cleaned up over by the electrical box. I would like to start down there and get all of the drywall up on the last wall in utility room. I didn’t get any mud up last night. Didn’t feel like do much last night. I will get back to it tonight probably. Try to get some of the stuff moved and organized so I can get a few more sheets up. I may start with mudding a few spots in the main room just to get moving on that again.

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