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Strange thing happened after changing the oil in our car this weekend

I was out changing the oil in both the jeep and the cirrus this weekend. Jeep was done first and took it for a drive and everything seemed fine. The Cirrus was draining and I put everything back together when I got back from driving the jeep and filled it with oil. I heard a few bubbles or something pop or make a small noise as I was filling the car with oil. Never heard those noises before. So I put the car back down from the jack stands and then tried to start it. Turned over and almost started but nothing. So I tried it again and it almost sounded like the battery was dying. Let it sit a bit longer. Tried to start again and nothing still. I tried to start it for about 2 or 3 minutes and finally it kicked over. Started really hard and rough but it finally started and also calmed down and ran smooth finally. Took it out and drive it around the neighborhood and no problems. Brought it back home and parked it. Checked oil level and it was fine. Started again and it started with no problem. Tried this morning before I left and it started fine. I have no idea what the problem was but I thought for sure I would be getting it towed to the shop this morning.

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