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Worked on a little mudding last night

Well I didn’t feel like doing much on the basement last night so I decided to finish of one of the 5 gallon buckets of mud I had sitting around. I started working on some of the corners in the main room. Here are a few pictures of the basement after I worked on a few corners. It is coming along nicely. I believe we have picked out the cast iron stove we want to put in. We need to go look at carpet and tile now. I plan to try to get a bunch of muding done this weekend. I hope I can put the last few sheets of drywall up in the bathroom and then get most of the bathroom muded this weekend. I am to the point that I just want to finish something. I think I will try to work on individual rooms now. The main room is very close to being ready to mud the whole thing up. The bathroom is pretty much ready for mud and the utility room is totally a mess. I really need to finish up hanging the drywall in the utility room so I can put that room back together. I just need to make a to do list and just go at it this weekend.

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