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Built the last sofit last night

Last night after dinner I went down and worked on stuff in the basement for about 2 hours. I finally built and drywalled the last sofit in the main room. All drywall is up and ready to mud in the main room and bathroom and office. I have about 10 sheets of drywall left to put up in the utility room. I hope to get a few sheets up in the utility room tonight. I really need to build out a box around some pipes on one wall and need to organize all the coax and cat5 cables on another wall. When those two items are finished I should be able to get all drywall up and finished. I will be so happy when I can get rid of all the small pieces of drywall I have been keeping around to finish things up and also the big sheets. Hopefully I estimated correctly so I do not have much left over as far as full sheets.

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