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Cleaned up the electrical and network/phone/cable corner of the basement tonight

Took me about a hour and a half but I am almost ready to put up the corner peice of drywall now. Looks like I got lucky when they put in the 2x4s. They decided to put two studs exactly 48 inches apart. I was not sure if it would work out that way or not since the electrical box is in this corner. Hopefully tomorroow night I will be able to support the wall real quick with some small peices of 2x4s and then I can cut a few holes in the sheet of drywall and put up the full sheet. I need to cut a big hole out for the circuit panel, an electrical outlet and a few holes for the network cables, phone cables and coax for tv signals. I think I have the phone and coax all cleaned up and ready to mount. I still have to figure out where I am going to put most of the new cat5 I pulled to the basement. I am hopeing I can move most of them next to the phone cables. I will see tomorrow.

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