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Had a small problem with the coax cable last night but all has been fixed now

While I was moving the cables around and trying to get them mounted and organized I put a little to much tention on one of the short cables that connected a few spliters together and actually snapped or broke the center conductor in it. I didn’t know I did anything to it until jenny yelled down to me and ask if I did something to kill the internet connection. That short cable was the jumper to the spliter for the cable modem. I just had to find the cable that had a problem and put another one in its place. Quick fix. Hopefully tonight I will be able to finish mounting the coax cables and get them all set and then I can mount the punch down blocks for all of the cat5 cables from up stairs and then also mount the telephone distribution block. At that point I need to figure out where I am going to put the last two punch down blocks for all of the basement wireing and then I will be ready to put up probably the most difficult sheet of drywall in the basement. I need to make sure I cut the hole for the breaker panel perfet and then also leave a hole for the coax and cat5 cables to go through and also access to an outlet right next to the breaker panel. Hopefully all my measuring will come out ok and the peice of drywall will go up without a problem. Then it is on to putting the rest of that wall up. Should be very easy to do. I may end up running two electrical outlets on that wall really quick just to give power to anyting on that side of the basement. I have an extension cord run to the dehumidifier right now and would like to have an outlet near it instead.

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