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Almost have the first coat finished on every room but the utility room

I was able to use up almost 2 buckets of mud over the weekend. I have the bathroom and hallway totally taped and ready for a second coat of mud. The office has 2 or 3 coats of mud and is ready for the final coat and then just touch up after that. The main room has all of the butt joints finished and most of the nail holes filled. I have a few corners to finish up and about 3 long seems to finish. I hope after getting some more mud and corner pieces tonight I will be able to finish up on the first coat of mud in the main room also. I do not plan on working on the utility room until I finish most of the other rooms or have nothing to do on the other rooms. Feels good to see most of the first coat on. I put a very light second coat on the bathroom also. Hope to get another coat on the bathroom and hallway tonight or tomorrow and see where that brings me. I am hoping that I only need to put 3 or 4 coats at most on all of the rooms. Then a light sanding and then ready for primer.

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