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Last of drywall is up

Last night I finished up the access panel I wanted to put in for the valves for the bathroom area. That turned out pretty good. I also cut two holes in the wall between the utility room and the main room. I will put return air vents in those areas as soon as everything is painted. I also hung the french doors in the main room. I want to tweak them a little more before I can say that part is finished. After they have been tweaked I can then get them primed and painted. I hope they turn out looking really nice. I hope to be able to get a coat of mud on the bathroom and hopefully also the hallway area tonight. That is all that is left now. Get the mud and tape up. It would be nice to get the entire main room, bathroom and hallway areas all setup and drying with a first coat by the end of this weekend. Then I can start the finish coat next week and maybe even get it sanded and ready for primer.

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