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Might be closer than I was thinking I was

I went down stairs after dinner last night and setup to try out the new palm stander. It ended up working great. I hooked up the new attachment so I could hook the sander to the shop vac. Plugged in the sander and tried it without the vac to see what it will do. It was sending a bunch of dust down the wall. Not bad at all. I hooked the shop vac up and man did it get noisy quick. I think I can deal with the small amount of airborne dust and the pile at the base of the wall. Not bad at all. I was able to sand an area that was about 3 feet by 3 feet and I only found one small spot I will have to touch up. Almost all of the butt joint have 2 coats on them already so I may be ready to sand most of those areas. I really need to get going on the ceiling corners and room corners to get 2 coats on those and then hopefully that will be enough that I can sand and then just touch up. I think I will sand a bit more tonight to get a better feeling and then I will know better what other areas I need to work on or touch up before I really start to sand. I got a 5 gallon bucket of top coat instead of general purpose this time. I hope that works out better. I am thinking I may have enough mud now to finish of the main area of the basement. I will probably need to get one or two more buckets for the utility room and garage when I go to work on those areas.

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