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Changed the function of my office to a workout room

Last wed we purchased a bowflex sport. Didn’t get to do anything with it that night but on thursday I took almost everything out of the old office upstairs and put most of it in the utility room downstairs. I put the server back on the net and got it working within about 10 minutes of powering it down. Moved all of my extra parts and stuff to a shelve downstairs and threw out many of my old cd’s I no longer needed (win nt 4.0, win95, old programs and what not). Pulled the folding table out of the room and vacuumed everything. We still have jenny’s bookshelf and two filing cabinets. I need to go through one of them and empty it out and the other we can thin down a bit. I move the TV and replay from the bedroom into the new workout room. Move the bike into the workout room and then put together the bowflex. It took me about 2 hours to put it together. Not to difficult at all. Just a bit time consuming. Well the room is going to work out just fine. The bowflex is a bit larger than we thought it was but it does fit fine. We plan to move all of this stuff down to the basement to the main room when it is finished. It was good to clean the computer stuff out. Now I really need to get back on the basement. I did nothing last week at all. Time to get back to it.

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