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Finally made it back down to the basement

I started on the hallway in the basement again. Put a second and hopefully final coat on many of the seams and a few corners. I still have a few more corners and all the ceiling corners to get. My hand was killing me after about a hour and a half. I tried the topper mud this time and it seems to work pretty good. I went and picked up a bucket of the lightweight stuff today and will try that when I have gone through the topper bucket. I use about half a bucket of the topper bucket already. I have about 1 and a half buckets of the general use mud and now a bucket of the lightweight mud. That should get me a little way. I figure I will use at least a bucket if not the bucket and half of general purpose mud on the utility room getting all the joints taped. I still have at least 2 or 3 more buckets to put on the main room bath and hallway. I think I am going to try to finish the hallway first. Get primer on it and see what I think. Then do the bathroom and get primer on it. Then the office and get primer on it. The last room I will finish will be the main room. Like always, I am not moving anywhere near the speed I would like to be moving on this project. I hope I can get it done by the end of may so I can get the projector before the end of the rebate period and get that put up and start using the basement. Can’t wait to be able to hook up all the speakers and stuff and watch gladiator in 7.1 dts on a 110 inch screen. Man that will be so awesome. That keeps me working on this damn project.

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