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Finally found some corner pieces I needed to finish the main room

Well Menard’s finally got a shipment of the paper face inside corner pieces I needed to finish up the main room. I bought 12 more 8 foot lengths and hope to get down to the basement tonight to finish up the main room corners. I will then get a second coat of mud on some more joints and hope to have the main room almost ready for sanding after this week. I need to get a second coat on the hallway and finish up the second coat on the bathroom. If I work on the basement 1 hour to 2 hours every evening this week I think I can have all rooms ready for sanding by this weekend. Give them a good sanding and then touch up any problems and maybe by the end of this month I will have primer on the walls. Oh I need to get the knock down ceiling thing going to. I have found a few guns that will shoot the mud on the ceiling for the knock down ceiling. I just need to do a little more reading on how to actually do the knock down ceiling. Then I plan to practice on one of the extra sheets of drywall I have and then I will go at it. When I get that finished I will be ready to put primer on all rooms.

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